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Visit me at Surtex!

Hop on by to booth 417 and say hi if you’re at Surtex in May! You can see all my new artwork and meet my super nice agents Julie, Tiffany, Ilana and Beth.   Heather xxoo #surtex @surtex @Jewelbranding   Read more…


New art sneak peek

I’ve been super busy getting ready for Surtex and Licensing Show…. I’ll be finishing up a bunch of new collections to be shown at the shows soon. Here’s a little sneak peek of my new Licensing Show graphic: Have a lovely night! Heather xxoo #licensingexpo       Read more…


Two inspiring blogs to share

Hello! I’m busily preparing for Surtex and Licensing Show as well as putting some cute Easter artwork together, but I wanted to share two amazing blogs that I’ve come across with you today. This first one is simply called STILL. The photographer shoots beautiful images of nature. It’s great for gathering inspirational photos for reference or […] Read more…

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