Two inspiring blogs to share


I’m busily preparing for Surtex and Licensing Show as well as putting some cute Easter artwork together, but I wanted to share two amazing blogs that I’ve come across with you today.

This first one is simply called STILL. The photographer shoots beautiful images of nature. It’s great for gathering inspirational photos for reference or for just appreciating nature’s beauty that’s always all around us, if we just take a moment to notice. You can see it here:


just one of the beautiful images on the blog STILL

Another blog to look at is 50 Watts. You can see it here: It’s an amazing collection of vintage book illustrations from all over the world. Some of my favorites are the Eastern European and Swedish Children’s books. Some of these look so modern that it’s hard to believe most were done 40, 50 or more years ago.

illustration from a Polish children’s book, 1973

book cover, Sweden, 1956

textbook cover illustration, Japan, 1920

I hope you check out these amazing sites!

Have a lovely day,