New Partner – Note Card Cafe

I have some new note cards that I illustrated with a new partner Note Card Cafe. There are five collections available. You can purchase these as a whole collection of 72 note cards or a single image with 24 note cards. They are available on Amazon. Each 72 card set has 6 images with sentiments such as Thank You, Happy Birthday, Friendship and some all occasion cards in each set as well. I hope you enjoy them!

Here is the Jungle Love 72-card collection. You can find it here: There are single image 24 count boxes available as well.

…. and the same collection available in pink!

Here’s Aerial Parade: You can get the cards as a 24 count single design as well: and

And some collections for little boys, Bumper-2-Bumper: and a 24 count single:

…. and Monster Mash:

Thanks for reading!

Heather xoxo