March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month


If you’ve been thinking about adding a new friend (or friends) to the family, a guinea pig is a great companion. March is adopt a Guinea Pig month, so what better time! My children and I adopted three guinea pigs about 6 months ago, and they are so much fun! They are a different pet than a cat or dog, given that they are prey animals and not predators. So they are inherently shy. It takes time (months) for them to start coming out of their shell, but it is worth it. They are sweet, gentle creatures with lots of personality. Here are a few tips if you are interested:

• Always adopt from a rescue. This is for any animals, but since guinea pigs are still available at pet stores, many people don’t know that there are lots of rescues full of sweet, HEALTHY guinea pigs looking for a permanent home. Please research in your area, but if you are in the Los Angeles area here is a wonderful one: Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue. If you’re in Orange county: Cavy Haven or San Diego County: Wee Companions

• Never adopt just one! Guinea pigs are herd animals, so they will be much happier and be better pets if they have a friend or two. It doesn’t cost much more to add a second or third, so it’s worth it for your pets’ happiness. And they are really fun to watch as they interact with each other. They are very social animals.

• Get a BIG cage! We call ours “the apartment”, because it’s a nice roomy size. Your pets will be happier and healthier. Pet store cages are way too small! Here is a great place to order an appropriately sized cage from a company that actually cares about the animals:

Good Luck!

Heather xxoo