Decorate your windows and mirrored closet doors with window film


I’ll teach you how to use window film (bought at Home Depot for $20!) to decorate your windows and mirrored closet doors. The film is removable, so if you want to take them down or change your look, it’s very easy! First off, you’ll need some basic tools:

here are the tools needed for this simple project

here are the tools needed for this simple project


• cutting mat

• exacto knife (or as I’ve used here a snap-off Olfa knife)

• flower templates (I’ll provide downloads below)

• window film (I bought the Etched Glass window film by Artscape, available at Home Depot for about $20)

• water in a spray bottle

Step 1:

• Print out the templates that you choose, find the download buttons at the bottom of this post.

Step 2:

• Cut out the templates so they are more like stencils. Then, trace the stencils onto the window film backing paper.


Step 3:

•Using your pencil lines, cut the flowers shapes out of the window film.



Step 4:

• peel the window film off the backing.


just cut, peel, and stick!


Step 5:

• spray your window or mirror with water, stick your flower shape to the window (smooth side against window) As long as your window is wet, you can move your shapes around.

• when you don’t want the decorations anymore, just peel off!


add a pretty flower garden to a window or mirrored closet door!


I hope you enjoyed this project! I’m planning on adding more templates in the future.

Heather xxoo

Here are the stencils to download. Just click on the flowers you’d like to use.